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Dr. Benjamin Brast

Benjamin Brast is the contact person for (prospective) doctoral researchers. Since 2018, he has been coordinating the “doctorate” field at the Graduate Center TU Dortmund. Here he is responsible for the bundling of already existing offers for doctoral researchers and the development of new advice and qualification formats.

Benjamin Brast has been working on the topic of doctoral studies for over a decade: After completing his studies, he initially completed his PhD (Ph.D. in Political Science) at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) and the University of Manchester (visiting PhD). Afterwards he worked as a research manager at the central Graduate School of the TU Munich for several years, where he was responsible for communication and quality management.

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Nadine Finke-Micheel

Porträtfoto © NFM ​/​ TU Dortmund

Nadine Finke-Micheel coordinates the Karriereforum for postdocs of the University Alliance Ruhr, who want to discuss their career planning in research, as well as the networking of doctoral researchers at TU Dortmund University. She is also happy to support master students and doctoral researchers in decision-making processes related to the topic of doctoral studies.

Nadine Finke-Micheel is a person-centered integrative coach (DACB) and studied social psychology and educational science at the Ruhr University Bochum before she co-initiated the project “MinTU – Mädchen in die TU Dortmund” as a research assistant in 2011. As a research manager, she was also in charge of the program in 2013-2015, which specifically prepares women for a career outside research.

Fabian Brinkmann

Fabian Brinkmann is the contact person for (prospective) doctoral researchers. Since 2021, he has been supporting the work of the “doctorate” field at the Graduate Center TU Dortmund. He is responsible for advising doctoral researchers and those interested in doing a doctorate and for developing new qualification formats.

Fabian Brinkmann already advocated for the interests of doctoral researchers during his doctorate in history at the Center for Mediterranean Studies at the Ruhr University Bochum and as a doctoral researcher representative in the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”. In this context, he acted as a personal contact person as well as a committee member for initiating structural improvements in doctoral funding.


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