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Write your Way to your Career: Technical Writing, Professional Writing

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  • zhb Bereich Fremdsprachen
  • Research, Writing & Publishing
  • Forschen, Schreiben & Publizieren
  • For Postdocs
  • For doctoral researchers
  • Für Postdocs
  • Für Promovierende
  • Workshop

This workshop prepares you for writing in and for your future careers in industry, business, or academia by teaching you the basics of technical writing.

In your professional life, you might find yourself in a situation when you have to write an e-mail, application, proposal, resume/CV, or progress or technical report for your supervisors, colleagues, or customers in order to explain a problem, describe a process, or present results, a product, or a project.

This workshop prepares you for that by creating an environment where you can work on your individual documents. You will read and analyze authentic model documents, create your own documents, and get immediate feedback on your writing. The workshop is organized as a combination of teacher input blocks and in-class writing sessions.

The course is recommended to students who plan to apply to study abroad programs or internships abroad and to students who use or will use English for professional purposes.

Recommended entry level: B2 or higher

  • Instructor: Tetyana Müller-Lyaskovets, Ph.D.
  • Target group: Graduate students and early career researchers
  • Language: English