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In the postdoc phase, you make important decisions about the course of your research career: after the doctorate, independent research activities and the sharpening of your own profile with regard to the usual performance indicators (publications, third-party funding, and (international) networks as the most important) begin. Strategic planning is essential in this phase and the Graduate Center will be happy to support you.

New circumstances require new skills, for example in developing research strategy, supervising and managing doctoral researchers, and raising external funding. Often you will learn additional new methods when you change your research position.

The postdoc phase is often also a phase of professional orientation and many researchers decide to pursue alternatives to an academic career.

In order to successfully master this dynamic phase, the Graduate Center offers information events, personal advice for career planning (to get started in academia or to find something else), transferable skills training to meet the new requirements, and numerous networking formats for open exchange with colleagues.

Our services

It does not matter which career path you want to take or which questions accompany you: the Graduate Center TU Dortmund supports you in your personal career with years of experience in consulting, qualification, and with its own scientific background.

Our service ranges from individual advice, transferable skills training to networking and exchange with peers.

Services for Postdocs