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Support on the way to professorship

Career coaching and advice

The Junior Faculty includes habilitation candidates, experienced postdocs, junior research group leaders and junior professors. These researchers have decided to pursue an academic career and are on the final spurt towards a professorship. For this career phase, the Graduate Center offers intensive advice with a wealth of experience.

Contact person

If you have any questions about the challenges and topics of the Junior Faculty, please contact Dr. Maria Verena Peters.

Customized counseling

In our counseling sessions, we will inform you about the general conditions and opportunities for expanding your research portfolio, challenges of leadership and management, and answer your questions regarding applications for professorships.

In addition, the Graduate Center offers you intensive, personal, and comprehensive individual coaching. Here you can professionally develop strategies for the realization of your goals, further develop your competencies, and find solutions for work-related challenges and the handling of new tasks.

The aim of the coaching is to provide you with comprehensive support in developing the best possible strategies and solutions for you on your way to a professorship, thus promoting targeted progress and finally to successfully master the application for professorships.

A certified coach with a proven academic background and several years of consulting experience provides our coaching services. The coaching bases on the principles of appreciation, solution orientation, and with a focus on the individual needs of the researchers. It is of course strictly confidential.

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Further advisory services

In addition to the advice and support provided by the Graduate Center, the TU Dortmund University offers further contact points to assist you in your concerns:

Further services for Junior Faculty