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Transferable skills training

As a junior faculty, researchers have increasingly more leadership responsibility, and manage larger teams and projects. In addition, they recruit prestigious third-party funded projects, and apply specifically for professorships. Precisely tailored transferable skills programs support them in expanding their competencies in order to successfully achieve the career goal of a professorship.

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Within the Research Academy Ruhr, the Graduate Center TU Dortmund University offers you the CoachingPLUS format, which consists of workshops specially tailored to the career phase of the junior faculty and subsequent individual coaching. Here you have the opportunity to develop your competencies in a strategically optimal way and to prepare yourself for appointment procedures in terms of content and tactics.

You will also benefit from small group sizes of up to nine scientists of the same career level from the three UA-Ruhr universities. At the same time, this offers the opportunity to network throughout the UA Ruhr.

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Further services at the TU Dortmund University

Academic staff members of the TU Dortmund University benefit from the comprehensive range of academic teaching offered by the Center for Higher Education (zhb). Whether you are designing a new seminar, preparing exams, or conducting personal discussions with students – the zhb courses support you in your teaching tasks.

The zhb also offers advanced training in teaching specially tailored to the needs of young academics:

We especially recommend the certificate program “Professionelle Lehrkompetenz für die Hochschule” (“Professioanl teaching competence for the university”; available only in German so far). The program was developed within the Netzwerk Hochschuldidaktik NRW (“Network of University Didactics NRW”; website available only in German), comprises at least 200 work units, takes place in modules, and concludes with a nationally recognized certificate. Detailed information can be found on the zhb-website (available only in German).

Postdocs wishing to improve their foreign language skills will find a comprehensive program with courses in 13 modern languages at the Department of Foreign Languages of the zhb.

For international postdoctoral researchers, tailor-made formats are offered under the title “German for International PhD Students and Postdocs”.

You can find a list of all courses, and the registration portal on the website of the Department of Foreign Languages of the zhb.

The Center for Higher Education (zhb) publishes a new program of in-house continuing education once every six months. Whether executive development, project management, or the right body language: employees of the TU Dortmund University are offered a wide range of qualification opportunities. You can find an overview of the continuing education programs on the website of the Department of Continuing Education of the zhb.


Postdocs receive support from the Centre for Statistical Consulting and Analysis (SBAZ) for questions concerning statistical methods. An overview of the services offered can be found on the SBAZ website.

The zhb regularly offers an introduction to multivariate data analysis with R (in German only).

The TU Dortmund University is a pacesetter for innovation and supports researchers in the implementation of their ideas – whether it is applying for a patent or founding their own company. With the Science and Technology Campus Dortmund, one of the largest technology parks in Europe exists in the direct vicinity of the university.

You can find all information on the support offered at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer.

Further services for Junior Faculty