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Upward Leadership for Doctoral Researchers

Begin: End: Location: Online
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  • Project, Time & Self-Management
  • For doctoral researchers
  • Workshop

Doctoral researchers find themselves in a special relationship with their advisor in the context of their doctoral project. Oftentimes their advisor is also their supervisor in terms of employment. This workshop shall take adequate account of this relationship and its connected requirements.

In the beginning the participants will look into their own personalities and its needs- After that the character of the advisor will be highlighted. Furthermore the participants will develop courses of action to shape the collaboration with their advisor in a mutually beneficial way and to use their own influence and freedom of action optimally.

With a well-balanced combination of theoretical impulses and practical exercises the participants are offered the possibility to deepen their understanding of the presented contents and to practice their practical implementation. They will have the opportunity to discuss individual problems with the cooperation with their advisor vis-a-vis supervisor and to develop strategies to improve their collaboration in the future.

  • Trainer:  Prof. Dr. Simone Kaminski
  • Target group: Doctoral researchers
  • Participants: max. 12
  • Language: English

This event will be credited with 8 work units for the area "Career in Academia and Beyond" in the "Management and Leadership"-track of the Career Certificate Program for Doctoral Researchers.


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