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Keeping the balance – Compatibility of family and career in changing work environments

Begin: End: Location: online
Event type:
  • TU Dortmund
  • Project, Time & Self-Management
  • For doctoral researchers
  • Workshop

The Graduate Center of TU Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity and Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sciences and Arts jointly organize this English-lan­guage on­line workshop for doctoral researchers, which focuses on the compatibility of family and career at universities.

Everyday work and family life is getting out of the usual routines and is often already very stressful. The pandemic  has fundamentally changed our work environments. And basic structures are currently in flux. How does this influence families and family division of labor?   Are new hybrid forms of labor a relief or a burden for families?

The on­line workshop's goal for participants is to reflect on their own division of labor within the family system, and how they deal with their goals and resources. For this purpose, they are offered competence-strengthening methods and support. Furthermore, the group setting has a solidarizing and relieving effect.

In this workshop, participants can analyze their resources, whether beneficial and/or harmful influences, develop opportunities to change the gendered division of labor, understand manifest and symbolic rooms, and find new ways to combine career and family work.

Participants can clarify their issues together in the group under the guidance of experienced coaches. For this purpose, workshop instruments are offered, which work with different methods (collegial case counseling, situation analysis etc.).

The setting: offers space for questions and exchange. In­for­ma­ti­on on possible coping strategies as well as tools for everyday coping can be experienced.

The workshop will take place on 17 and 31 October 2022 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on both days.

  • Coaches: Dr. Iris Koall and Prof. Dr. Michael Tunç
  • Date: 17 and 31 October 2022, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. each
  • Target group: Doctoral researchers of TU Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity or Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Participants: max. 10
  • Language: English

This event will be credited with 4 work units for the area "Project, Time and Self-management" of the Career Certificate for Doctoral Researchers.