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Networking for doctoral students

DocNet - Doctoral Researchers' Network

With the Doctoral Researchers' Network - DocNet for short - the Graduate Center offers a format in which doctoral researchers at TU Dortmund University can (permanently) network. In small peer groups, doctoral researchers can exchange information about their daily challenges and the associated solution strategies. This creates networks that can be an important resource in everyday doctoral work.

Approximately 2-hour moderated network meetings are held every 2-3 months. Each meeting is dedicated to a specific topic, which is discussed in the round. We are happy to include your suggestions for topics. Send us an e-mail.

Netzwerk aus dünnen grünen Seilen mit Knotenpunkten aus Metall © Free-Photos ​/​ Pixabay

Current DocNet groups and university-wide networks

"Do I really belong here?" Such and similar thoughts are held by many doctoral students who were the first in their family to study and then took the step of pursuing a doctorate.

With the change of status to a doctorate, a second socialization begins, which might alienate you from your family and/or friends. At the same time, there are often new uncertainties regarding the fit as a scientist in the university system, and in the context of science, there are social rules that first need to be understood.

The good news is that you are not alone!

Since February 2021, a network of doctoral candidates has been coming together at TU Dortmund University to exchange ideas on precisely such issues.

Would you also like to become a part of the network? Then write an email to the Graduate Center to be added to the network's distribution list.

For doctoral researchers with disabilities, in addition to the general requirements of a doctorate, various other questions and challenges often arise in connection with further academic qualification.

DoBuS, the area of Disability and Studies at the Center for Higher Education at TU Dortmund University, offers doctoral candidates with disabilities a space for the exchange of experiences and peer support within the framework of regular moderated group meetings.

The group is open to doctoral students with disabilities/chronic illnesses of the TU Dortmund of all faculties. The digital meetings take place very 4 to  6 weeks.

For more information, please contact:

Andrea Hellbusch

E-mail: andrea.hellbuschtu-dortmundde

Phone: 0231/ 755-6565

Upcoming networking meetings:

There are no current entries.