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Dr. Sibel Vurgun

Sibel Vurgun is head of Early Career Researchers Services.

She studied mathematics and French at the University of Konstanz and holds a PhD in Romance studies. As a research manager with a focus on the promotion of early career researchers, she has worked primarily at various universities since 2006 (Constance, Freiburg, FU Berlin) and has, among other things, established the Graduate Academy and academic staff development at the University of Tübingen.

Sibel Vurgun is active in various networks and involved in several publications in the field of promoting early career scientists.

She was instrumental in developing the UniWiND Competence Toolbox, which contains tools and material for the competence development of doctoral candidates and postdocs that can be used in advising, coaching, but also for the development of qualification offers.

Porträtfoto Dr. Sibel Vurgun © Hesham Elsherif ​/​ TU Dortmund