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Conference Presentation: Engaging the Listener in your Talk

Beginn: Ende: Veranstaltungsort: In-person (tba)
  • Presenting, Communicating & Teaching
  • Präsentieren, Kommunizieren & Lehren
  • For doctoral researchers
  • Für Promovierende
  • Workshop

Participants will enhance live and virtual conference-speaking skills through practical strategies, focusing techniques, and interactive exercises.

This seminar provides participants the opportunity to perfect their public-speaking skills in both a live and virtual setting. The seminar provides participants the opportunity to perfect their public-speaking skills, offering practical strategies and criteria to check the effectiveness of the presentation.

Throughout the two-day workshop, participants will be guided through interactive exercises to improve vocal and non-verbal delivery, improve the ability to listen and react generously, and to integrate focusing techniques which empower the speaker. Attention will be given to breath and speech patterns, to strengthen both the ease and clarity of the speaker.

Exercises include relaxation, intonation, pronunciation, tempo and text analysis. Repetition is a key aspect of the training so that participants can strengthen the narrative, the emotional tone and the physicality of the talk in order to define and support the speaker’s own dynamic style.

  • Trainer: Guido Molina
  • Target group: Doctoral researchers
  • Participants: max. 12
  • Language: English

This event will be credited with 16 work units for the area "Presenting, Communicating & Teaching" of the Career Certificate for Doctoral Researchers.

Anmeldeschluss: 06.06.2024