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Good Scientific Practice for Doctoral Researchers

Beginn: Ende: Veranstaltungsort: Online
  • Research, Writing & Publishing
  • Forschen, Schreiben & Publizieren
  • For doctoral researchers
  • Für Promovierende
  • Workshop

Safeguarding the rules of good scientific practice is an elementary, if not the most fundamental prerequisite to carry out scientific projects. Therefore, all scientists have to follow those rules. Doctoral researchers working on their doctoral projects need to address several topics in regard to good scientific practice, e.g. documentation, self-criticism, ethical considerations and plagiarism.

This workshop will address the following topics:

  • What is „gute wissenschaftliche Praxis“ / „good scientific practice“ about?
  • In how far am I involved in it during my doctoral project?
  • What are my duties and what are my rights?
  • Is there a benefit for me?
  • How to prevent/minimize the additional workload?
  • What to do if problems arise?
  • How to prevent problems!

In addition, topics and questions provided by the participants will also be integrated into the workshop to enable the doctoral researchers to implement good scientific practice into their projects.

  • Trainer: Dr. Peter Schröder
  • Target group: Doctoral researchers
  • Participants: max. 12
  • Language: English

This event will be credited with 8 work units for the area "Research, Writing & Publishing" of the Career Certificate for Doctoral Researchers.