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How to do networking strategically and effectively

Beginn: Ende: Veranstaltungsort: online
  • Presenting, Communicating & Teaching
  • Präsentieren, Kommunizieren & Lehren
  • For doctoral researchers
  • Für Promovierende
  • Workshop

Networks pose an important career factor in Academia. Your achievements and the results of your endeavors do not speak for themselves - you have to draw attention to them in an appropriate way.

Networking will help you to realize your professional goals, to successfully establish and develop collaborations - or to help other people. And you can do it online or face to face. In the workshop we will analyze your actual network and look for options to broaden and grow it, focusing on your goals. We will practice the necessary communication skills for networking and cover related topics.


You will be enabled to

  • analyze your existing network for options to enhance it
  • define what you can bring into a network (potential analysis)
  • develop a strategy for networking, targeting your individual goals
  • use communication techniques for successful networking
  • design an action plan to transfer learning outcomes


  • To participate you need a laptop or computer with audio / video function (microphone and camera). You also need a stable internet connection.
  • You will receive an individual login code for the moodle course room 5 days prior to the kick-off at the latest
  • Self-study phase - prerequisite for further participation: approx. 2 hours, on your own time: in the moodle course room you will find materials and tasks to prepare. If necessary, these tasks are supervised by the trainer.
  • On the online attendance dates, we will work together on interactive learning situations
  • Transfer phase: approx. 2 hours, on your own time: in the moodle course room you can ask further questions and exchange ideas with the trainer and the other participants, further learning material will be provided
  • Trainer: Dr. Eva Reichmann
  • Target group: Doctoral researchers
  • Participants: max. 15
  • Language: English

This course can be credited with 8 work units for the area "Presenting, Communicating & Teaching" for the Career Certificate for Doctoral Researchers.

Registration Deadline: 09.06.2024

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